Spa Dentistry

Spa Dentistry

The experience that a patient has at a dentist's office becomes vital in making it a better practice. We, at Confident Smiles, Rhode Island, take this quite seriously. Excellent quality of treatment combined with the best amenities while you undergo treatment makes our practice one of the best and most-preferred ones in the area.

Fear of the dentist?

Many patients get nervous at the very thought of visiting a dentist. This is due to the wrong assumption that the treatment procedures are often painful and would require the use of injections. But this is just a misconception that has been around for a long time. We have gone a step ahead to help patients ease their nerves when they visit us for treatment by offering them certain pampering amenities. After all, we believe in giving our patients a pleasant experience when they visit us.

What do we offer?

'Spa dentistry' is the term we would like to call it. When you visit our practice, you will get the vibes of entering a spa to have a relaxing time. Dental procedures need not necessarily be serious and tense, at least not at our practice. We have the soothing sound of trickling waters to keep you calm and composed during the procedures. While our dentist works on your oral cavity, you can have your feet massaged. Your hands can feel rejuvenated and well-moisturized with our Thera Vive Hand treatment. If you feel nervous to look at the dentist with the dental instruments, worry not! You can help yourself stay calm with a gel eye mask, which also enables you to freshen your eyes.
These simple yet effective amenities have a significant positive effect on the treatment procedures. Patients can relax and have a great time while getting their dental conditions treated by Dr. Karkalas. Visit our practice to have all your dental needs taken care of most soothingly and effectively.

Call us 401-861-2140 or schedule an online appointment with Dr. Karkalas for a consultation at our office in 151 Waterman Street Providence, RI.

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